Offer speech therapy tools Smart Mouth

Smart Mouth - with mini defect - ACTION PRICE FEBRUARY_1

Smart Mouth - new - kopie

Hello, I am the original speech therapy tool , but the children simply call me "SMARTY". 

  • They developed and manufactured me in the Czech Republic for the needs of working with clients with speech therapy diagnoses.
  • I can show and test the positions of the tongue, which have not been possible to demonstrate in other ways.
  • The speech therapist does not have to show his tongue, open his mouth excessively and show the correct positioning for pronunciation and any other faciokinesis, so Smart Mouth will protect him from a possible infection, such as Covid-19.
  • I also work well in coordinating the movements of the dominant hand and tongue, which improves the cooperation of both cerebral hemispheres.
  • I enjoy practicing speech skills with me.
  • I am a great motivator not only for children, but also for parents, teachers and speech therapists.
  • I am disinfectable, the tongue can be unclipped and washed by hand.

I will be happy to help make the effect of your speech therapy therapies more attractive and increase.